• Super Bond Glue
  • Super Bond Glue
  • Super Bond Glue
  • Super Bond Glue
  • Super Bond Glue
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Super Bond Glue

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The Super Bond Glue repair kit can repair almost anything such as metal, steel, plastic, wood, resin, rubber and a lot more. It is a super strong and super durable repair glue that sets to a solid welded-strength hardness in 7-15 seconds. The cured outcome will stay strong and hard even after being subjected to drilling, tapping, grounding, filing and painting.

With a hand-mixable formula, this Super Bond Glue is steel-reinforced, non-rusting glue that instantly fixes anything made of metal, hard plastic, ceramic,glass and many more. After mixing, it forms an industrial strength polymer compound that can be molded into shapes or used to build up, patch and repair components. It comes in 3 different colors of Black, Gray and Clear. The black one is usually used to repair bumper, grilles, radiators, motorcycle fairings, electrical switches, door handles, distributor caps,, and so much more. The grey and clear ones for cracks on engine casing and more.


  • Repairs almost anything with unique reinforcing and filling capabilities
  • Quick fix with super high bond strength in just 7-15 seconds
  • Breaks, cracks, holes and gaps can be quickly and easily repaired
  • Forms an incredibly strong, long-lasting, heat-resistant bond
  • Strong cohesive force, high impact resistance
  • Water-proof, oil-proof, and dust-proof
  • Ideal for high-strength, structural bonding applications
  • Easy to shape to fit any crack, crevice, hole, and break
  • Resistant to gasoline, anti-freeze, and most common solvents
  • Set comes with reinforcing powder turns it into a superb filler for repairing cracks and holes
  • Can be applied to bond rubber, copper, steel, aluminum and most plastics etc


  • Metal, steel, plastic, wood, rubber
  • China, Silicone, Nylon, Fluorine, Resin
  • Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene
  • Ceramic, bumper grilles, radiators, motorcycle fairings
  • Electrical switches, door handles, distributor caps
  • Cracks on engine and a lot more



  • Avoid eye contact. Do not get on skin or clothing.
  • Avoid breathing of vapor. Use only with adequate ventilation.
  • Do not swallow. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Close container after each use.

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